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The Perfect Weight
The perfect weight no matter what the season.
Woolx Lightweight
WoolX lightweight is perfect for those activities in spring and summer. Riding bike, running, brisk walking, Golf, or active sports activity nothing beats 100% Merino Wool for comfort in even the warmest of summer days.

The lightweight merino wool fabric wicks moisture away from the skin keeping you cool and dry unlike cottons which trap and hold moisture next to your skin. There are some synthetic fabrics that can accomplish this but usually at the cost of breathability and odor retention. WoolX 100% Merino Wool garments are breathable and do not retain odors. Even after sweating heavily in wool garments they can be hung to dry and odors all but disappear once the garment airs out.

WoolX lightweights also dry very quickly. For camping or hiking WoolX garments can be washed in any clean water source and hung to dry. In a light breeze the lightweight fabric will usually dry within 30-60 minutes.

WoolX lightweights...the perfect warm weather woolen wear.

  • 160 - 170 g/m2 fabric weight
  • Moisture wicking
  • Breathable
  • Does not retain odors
  • In the field washable with 30-60 minute dry times
  • 100% Australian Merino Wool
Woolx Midweight
WoolX midweight keeps you covered when Mother Nature starts to take a turn for the worse. WoolX midweight is perfect for medium to active outdoor winter activities. Skiing, snowboarding, winter hiking, sledding with the kids, or shoveling the walk.

The mid-weight merino wool fabric wicks moisture away from the skin which is essential to staying warm in colder weather. Moisture on your skin is your enemy in cold weather and WoolX fights this double duty. First the wicking properties will transport moisture away from your skin into your outer layers where it can safely evaporate. Plus nothing beats wool for keeping you warm when wet. Add these two characteristics together and you will be safe and warm.

With the same quick drying and non-odor retention characteristics of the lightweights WoolX is perfect for expeditions where access to traditional laundering is not available. Wash in any clean water source and hang to dry.

WoolX midweights...the perfect active cold weather woolen wear.

  • 230 - 260 g/m2 fabric weight -- interlock construction

  • Superior warmth when wet when compared to synthetics

  • Wicks moisture and sweat away from skin to keep you dry
  • Non-odor retaining
  • Dries quickly for in field washability
  • 100% Australian Merino Wool
Comfort All Four Seasons
Merino wool keeps you cool in Summer and Warm in Winter
Woolx Heavyweight
WoolX heavyweight will keep you warm and safe in the severest cold weather conditions. If you get cold in this...stay inside. Running heavy equipment, ice fishing, stand hunting, or any other cold weather low activity environment. WoolX heavyweights mean the difference in getting the job done or going home.

The 400 g/m2 fabric offers almost twice the protection as our midweight. WoolX heavyweight is perfect for activities like ice fishing or hiking where you may get wet. Fall in a creek and get soaked WoolX heavyweights may mean the difference in getting back to camp or not. Nothing beats wool for body heat retention when wet and the super heavyweight fabric of WoolX heavyweights adds all that much more insulating value.

Again with the quick drying characteristic of wool and non-odor retention this is perfect for extended expeditions and easy care. When you need the most cold weather protection opt for WoolX heavyweight.

WoolX heavyweights...warmth and survival in subzero climates.

  • 400 g/m2 fabric weight -- 18.5 micron --- almost twice as heavy as our midweight material -- interlock construction

  • Ultimate warmth in subzero environments
  • Superior protection in case of accidental liquid submersion in subzero environments
  • Non-odor retaining -- no smell, the wife will love you even more!

  • Phenomenal warmth when there is limited movement -- great for snowmobiling, ice fishing, deer stand hunting
  • 100% Australian Merino Wool
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