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Men's Outback Short Sleeve T -Shirt 160g Ultra Lightweight

X302-001 WXMTSML

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Imagine the perfect outdoor t-shirt: lightweight and comfortable in the humidity, prevents odor, and acts as a perfect first layer in the winter months.

Woolx has created the world’s best merino wool t-shirt. It’s incredibly fine for unbelievable softness - no itch, guaranteed.

You can wear the Outback tee on a hot, humid day to keep cool, or wear it as a base layer under one of our soft merino wool hoodies for a comfortable, layered warmth.

The more you sweat, the more this tee will perform.  Merino Wool wicks away moisture from the skin and brings it to the top layer of the shirt, keeping you feeling dry and on top of your game.

But perhaps the best quality of merino wool is it prevents odor, that’s correct, no smell! Wear this shirt straight day after day without washing, and there will be no unpleasant smell. We guarantee it!

Perfectly designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking, camping, or just working out.


  • Keeps You Cool: You heard correct, merino wool can also keep you cool, being a natural fiber it will help regulate your body temp
  • Unbelievable Soft: The smaller the micron the softer the wool - at 17.5 microns the diameter of our merino yarn is less than that of a human hair!
  • Prevents Odor & Wicks Moisture: Wear this shirt all day or all week long,no odor guaranteed! Merino wool wicks away moisture so bacteria has nowhere to survive, meaning you smell fresh all day long!
  • Flat-lock Seams: No chaffing or rubbing for continuous comfort
  • Little Details Covered: Tagless, we use a heat stamp logo for a non rub interior label.
  • Non Pill - No Itch Guaranteed: If for ANY reason you are not satisfied with any Woolx product, contact us for a free exchange or refund, that easy, no questions asked.
  • Imported from China - Designed in the USA

100% Australian merino wool
17.5 microns
160 g/m²


Regular fit - not a snug or loose fit great for wearing alone

Machine wash and dry
Turn garments inside out
Dry on low heat or lay flat to dry



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Men's Outback Short Sleeve T -Shirt 160g Ultra Lightweight

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