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  • Helps Regulate Body Temp: You heard correct, lightweight merino wool will keep you cool when its warm outside and warm when the weather turns cold
  • Unbelievably Soft: The smaller the micron the softer the wool - at 17.5 microns the diameter of our merino yarn is 100 times smaller in diameter than that of a human hair
  • Prevents Odor & Wicks Moisture: Wear this shirt all day or all week long. No odor guaranteed - Merino wool wicks away moisture so bacteria has nowhere to survive, meaning you smell fresh all day long
  • Flat-lock Seams: No chaffing or rubbing for continuous comfort
  • Quick Drying: Ditch cotton, merino wool dries 30% faster
  • Little Details Covered: Tagless, we use a heat stamp logo for a non-rub interior label
  • Non Pill - No Itch Guaranteed: If for ANY reason you are not satisfied with any Woolx product, contact us for a free exchange or refund, that easy, no questions asked.
  • Garment Weight: Size large - 6.4 ounces.
  • Designed in Upstate New York - Australian Sourced Merino Wool - Made In China

Looking for the best merino wool tee? This is it, guaranteed. Toss out your old cotton t-shirts and everything you thought you knew about wool. It’s time to get down to basics. The Basix of Woolx, that is.
Our lightweight merino wool tees are the ultimate performance shirts on the market today. Naturally, providing all the features you need for 365 days a year of outdoor activity. Moisture wicking, breathability, temperature regulation and odor control. Once you have a merino wool tee you'll be ready to kiss all your cotton tees goodbye.
All Woolx merino wool gear has a 100% no itch guarantee. The 160 g/m² lightweight premium merino wool in our Basix tee is as soft as cashmere and is light enough to keep you cool, dry and comfortable even on the hottest days.
Perfect for hiking, running and working out, there’s basically no place you won’t wear your Basix Tee. With our Woolx Basix line you can enjoy merino wool performance every day.

Employee Experiences Written By Brian the CTO of Woolx
I used to be a pretty big fan of Cotton in my younger years. I always looked for as little Polyester as possible in my t-shirts and opted for the heavy cotton. Now, after wearing the Woolx Merino Wool shirts, I hardly ever find myself grabbing a cotton t-shirt. They have all rotated down to the bottom of
the pile in my closet and have developed that smell that clothes get when they aren't worn for a long time. Many have found their way to under the kitchen sink to be used as various cleaning rags.

Since wearing the Wool t-shirts from Woolx the cotton ones just feel so uncomfotable. I am fairly active for an older guy and try to spend as much time outside as possible. Living in the Northeast in Upstate NY we get the 4 seasons and I find that the Merino Wool products provide the best comfort for wear in huge swings of temperature we experience. No matter if it is a 98 degree August day or a -7 below January day the Wool fabric gets the job done.

This lightweight T is one of my favorites. Why? Here are some examples of how I use this shirt.

  • Beach - With cotton t-s they get wet and just don't dry. I can pull this on after getting out of the water and it dries super fast so I am not wet and damp for the drive home. Plus in the hot sun it is cool and airy and just feels so much better than a synthetic or cotton
  • BIke Riding on the Farmington Valley Rail Trail - On A recent 25 mile bike ride in 75-85 degree temps this shirt made for a much more comfortable ride. It breathes, dries quick if you sweat, doesn't develope an odor, and provides reduced friction when moving around on the bike.
  • Hiking Breaknick Ridge in the Hudson Highland - More oaf a Rock scramble than a Hike I did this on a February Day with temps in the 50's. I wore this under the Woolx Grizzly Hoodie and was a comfortable as could be. Again when I exerted amd started to sweat the Wool wicked the moisture away keeping me dry and comfortable for when I stopped moving and cooled off. With Cotton I would have been freezing.
  • Packs tight - I travel most weekends and try to just use one small carry on size bag. I roll these shirts and 4-5 of them take up very little space and look good when it's time to wear them.

Add to this that it resist wrinkles and always seems to look crisper than a plain cotton t. It washes great and I pretty much wash clothes all together and don't take the time to sort. It drys super fast so it's ready to go in 5-10 minutes out of the dryer. I just don't have time to hand wash, lay to dry, roll in a towel blah blah blah...just throw it in the washer on Cold and dry it on low and the Woolx is just fine.

Great shirt! I'll keep the Computers up and runnning here at Woolx so our designers can keep pumping out great product! Thanks for reading my thoughts on this product and get outdoors this weekend!

Softest Merino Wool You Will Ever Wear...Guaranteed

Fabric Information


100% Australian Merino Wool - 17.5 Microns
UPF Rating 25


Fabric Information

Lightweight 160 g/m²

100% Australian merino wool - 17.5 microns



Not too tight...not too loose

Sizing Information

Sizing Information


S: 34-36
M: 38-40
L: 42-44
XL: 46-48
XXl: 50-52


S: 34-36
M: 38-40
L: 42-44
XL: 46-48
XXl: 50-52


Machine Wash Cold - Tumble Dry Low
No Shrinkage Ever

It's That Simple

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    • How tight fitting/stretchy is this?

      These do not have skin tight athletic cut, but they're not baggy or loose fitting either. They are true to size and should fit like an everyday T-shirt.  Merino wool fibers have a nice natural stretch, much more so than cotton, and our lightweight tees will move with you comfortable and easily during rigorous activity.  

    • I would be using this product for backpack hiking. how would the strength hold up to backpack straps rubbing on the shoulders for several miles a day for a few weeks? how would it hold up.

      All of our Woolx items were designed to hold up to the rigors of outdoor activities like hiking, running, skiing and camping. Our super soft BasiX Tee is the ideal shirt to keep you cool and dry while backpacking. Merino wool naturally wicks moisture, dries quickly and kills the bacteria that creates odor, making it the perfect performance fabric for multi-day wear in the back country.   Lightweight merino wool can be comparatively more delicate than thick cotton or some synthetics, however most customers find that the performance benefits of merino outweigh this difference. Our Woolx items are made from premium merino wool with a top quality knit, resulting in the most durable merino wool athletic clothing available!   One of our #WoolxinAction brand ambassadors put our lightweight men’s Tees to the ultimate test, 4 months hiking on the Appalachian Trail. His Woolx Tee held up fine to 8-10 hours of hiking with a full pack every day of his trip!

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    Men's Basix Short Sleeve Tee

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