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Men's Basix Short Sleeve Crew Neck 160 Ultra Lightweight


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Looking for the best merino wool tee? This is it, guaranteed. Toss out your old cotton t-shirts and everything you thought you knew about wool. It’s time to get down to basics. The Basix of Woolx, that is.

Our lightweight merino wool tees are the ultimate performance shirts on the market today. Naturally, providing all the features you need for 365 days a year of outdoor activity. Moisture wicking, breathability, temperature regulation and odor control. Once you have a merino wool tee you'll be ready to kiss all your cotton tees goodbye.

All Woolx merino wool gear has a 100% no itch guarantee. The 160 g/m² lightweight premium merino wool in our Basix tee is as soft as cashmere and is light enough to keep you cool, dry and comfortable even on the hottest days.

Perfect for hiking, running and working out, there’s basically no place you won’t wear your Basix Tee. With our Woolx Basix line you can enjoy merino wool performance every day.


  • Provides natural odor control, breathability, and has antimicrobial properties - incredible comfort - no dampness or bunching like you see with cotton
  • Moisture wicking - ultra soft and lightweight (size large 5.1 ounces) no itch guaranteed - flatlock non-chafe seams
  • Great for everyday wear - hiking, biking, climbing, adventuring - ultra light fabric will keep you cool even in warm temperatures
  • The perfect travel tee - barely takes up any room in a suitcase - wear for days without washing with no odor
  • Machine wash and dry on low, with no shrinkage - turn inside out


100% Australian merino wool
17.5 microns
160 g/m²


Regular fit - not a snug or loose fit - great for wearing alone

Machine wash and dry
Turn garments inside out
Dry on low heat or lay flat to dry

Questions & Answers

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  • How tight fitting/stretchy is this?

    These do not have skin tight athletic cut, but they're not baggy or loose fitting either. They are true to size and should fit like an everyday T-shirt.  Merino wool fibers have a nice natural stretch, much more so than cotton, and our lightweight tees will move with you comfortable and easily during rigorous activity.  

  • What is the difference between this shirt (Men's Basix Short Sleeve Crew Neck 160 Ultra Lightweight) and the Men's Outback Short Sleeve T-Shirt 160g Ultra-Lightweight?

    The only difference between our two lightweight tee shirts is the weight of the merino wool fabric. The Outback tees are a slightly heavier weight 160 g/m2 merino wool while the BasiX tees are made of 150 g/m2 merino. The difference is very slight and not obviously noticeable to the touch. We created the BasiX tees as an introductory line that we could offer at a slightly lower price for people who had never tried lightweight wool before.

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Men's Basix Short Sleeve Crew Neck 160 Ultra Lightweight

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