Model Wearing Harper PJ Set Wrapped in Blanket on Couch

Why Merino PJs May Help You Sleep Better

You've tried the melatonin gummies and the "cooling" bed sheets, but nothing seems to be helping you sleep better at night. Have you ever thought of switching your PJs?

Model Wearing Harper PJ Set on Bed

 Woolx Harper Pjs

Those cotton PJs you wear to bed every night could be the problem. Cotton holds moisture next to your skin and can make you feel hot, then cold, then hot again!

Making the switch to Woolx merino PJs could make sleep come quicker, last longer, and be deeper! The temperature-regulating ability of Merino may level out those night sweats and result in less interrupted sleep.

Model wearing Woolx Merino Adley Pjs

 Woolx Adley Short Pjs

Just the comfort alone of our silky smooth merino fabric will make you want to go to bed earlier and sleep in longer!

Plus, you will also be cutting back on laundry. Merino garments may be worn several times before needing a wash. The natural anti-microbial properties of merino wool mean you can wear these multiple times, and they don't retain odors! Cotton can start to stink after just one night of wearing it.

So take the first step towards reducing night sweats, tossing and turning, and counting sheep.... our pajama sets may be the solution you've been looking for!