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Returns and Exchanges

Please make all returns and exchanges within 60 days of purchase.

Items purchased from November 1st through December 25th have an extended return window of at least January 31st.

It is no problem to send your Woolx item(s) back for an exchange. We offer free shipping both ways on all exchanges. 

 You can fill out our return and exchange form and print a free pre-paid USPS return label to ship your item(s) back to us for an exchange, at the link below. You just need your order confirmation number and shipping zip code of the order.

Please note, exchanges and store credits receive free return shipping. If returning for a refund there is a $5.99 return shipping fee that will be deducted from your refund.

All items must be returned in new unworn condition.

Do not get makeup, heavy colognes or perfumes, or pet hair on the garment while trying it on as this renders it unsellable and, therefore, ineligible for return or exchange.

Simply stated, do not return items in a condition that would be unacceptable to you, if you received it in that condition.

 It is no problem to send your Woolx item(s) back for a refund. Orders returned for a refund are subject to a $5.99 handling fee which will be deducted from your refund amount. Exchanges and store credits have free return shipping.

You can fill out our return form and print a pre-paid USPS return label to ship your item(s) back to us, at the link below. You just need your order confirmation number and the shipping zip code of the order.


 Currently, we only ship to the U.S. 

We only use Standard Ground - USPS.

*Under certain conditions, like high value amounts, we may choose to ship UPS and have a signature required at delivery. 

We ship all orders within 24 hours Mon-Fri.

All orders are in our system and in processing within minutes of being placed. Because of our automated order downloading and processing we are unable to cancel. change, or modify orders once submitted.

 On rare occasions the USPS tracking likes to get ahead of itself and will send out an automated email to a customer stating that their package has been delivered, when in fact it has not been. In this case, we usually advise our customers to wait one extra business day after receiving the delivery notification, and 9 times out of 10, the package will arrive the next day. If the package does not arrive by 8:00 pm the next business day, please contact our support via email or phone and we will gladly resolve the issue for you right away. 


Phone: (888) 465-7977

Woolx offers free shipping on every order.

 All USPS tracking information is sent via email. If you can't find your tracking information, please email us at or call us toll free at (888) 465-7977 and we'd be happy to provide you with your USPS tracking number and addiotional tracking information.


** The Woolx Heavyweight Marcy Vest, Andes Vest, Denali Zip-Up, and Aspen Sweatshirt are all Dry Clean Only.**

-Machine Washing & Drying-

1. Machine Washing: Use a Cold temperature on the Gentle Cycle with like colors. Turn items inside out.

2. No Bleach or Fabric Softener.

3. Dryer: Tumble Dry on Low.

4. Iron: As needed on Low.

5. Dry Clean: Short Cycle.

 To avoid potential snags while washing, make sure any zippers your garment is washed with are closed. Definitely avoid any contact with bleach as it will destroy the natural wool fibers. We also recommend against the use of fabric softeners as they can coat the wool fibers and reduce the fabric's ability to insulate and wick moisture.

-Hand Washing-

 Just as with machine washing and drying, heat is the enemy! Exposure to heat can shrink wool. Hand wash in cool water and air dry well away from a heat source like a fire or a radiator. To air dry, lay your Woolx flat, as hanging wet wool can stretch the shape. Merino wool is particularly quick drying, making hand washing and air drying especially convenient while camping or traveling.

 Right now all of our Woolx clothing is manufactured in one factory in China. We're confident in their standards for production and quality. Our Merino Wool itself comes from Australia. All other work necessary to create and sell our products (design, product testing, customer service, shipping, etc.) is performed right here at our headquarters in Upstate NY. 

 All of the wool used to create our Woolx garments comes from Merino Sheep in Australia and is Woolmark certified. We insist that our wool supplier only use wool from farms that participate in the ethical treatment of their animals, and this includes humane shearing practices. As of 2019, all wool used to make Woolx clothing is CERTIFIED NON-MULSED and only comes from farms that absolutely do not practice mulsing.

 * We appreciate your commitment to animal welfare, and absolutely share your concerns about the treatment of the animals we rely on for our business! 

All Woolx garments carry a satisfaction guarantee. Carefully try your Woolx on before removing the tags and check fit, comfort, and feel to make sure you will like the item.

Do not get makeup, heavy colognes or perfumes, or pet hair on the garment while trying it on as this renders it unsellable and, therefore, ineligible for return or exchange. 

All Woolx garments are guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship and will be replaced or store credit issued if found to be defective. If you have a defective garment go here for instructions on contacting us.

 All merino wool provides natural protection from the sun. Natural wool absorbs radiation even when completely untreated by chemical processes. Different weights of wool fabrics provide different amounts of UPF protection. All 230g and 400g weight 100% merino knits, like our midweights and heavyweights, provide UPF 50 protection. Our thinner lightweight knits provide UPF 25 protection. 

 A UPF rating of 25 indicates the fabric of a garment will allow 1/25th (roughly 4 percent) of available UV radiation to pass through it. A garment rated UPF 50 permits only 1/50th (roughly 2 percent) UV transmission. This protection level is true to all 100% merino wool garments at their specific weights.

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 *You can also email or call our support to inquire about any sales or active discount codes we may have available at that time.


Phone: (888) 465-7977

 Every piece of Woolx clothing is made from ultra-fine merino wool, which is exceptionally soft and comfortable. It’s designed to be worn right next to your most sensitive skin. Our merino fabric feels as soft as cashmere or a well-loved vintage cotton T, but with all the amazing performance features of merino wool!

 Absolutely! That is why we call them the "perfect travel tee!" Our lightweight fabric can be rolled very tightly/compactly, and the natural crimp and stretch in wool fibers allows it to keep its shape and deters wrinkles. Nothing bounces back after packing like Merino wool!

 The smell on our shirts here is just the natural wool smell that comes from the lanolin in all sheep's wool. This is in no way harmful at all, and lanolin is actually often used as a moisturizer and is very safe to wear next to your skin. It's the lanolin in the wool that gives it its antimicrobial properties, which destroy the bacteria in sweat that creates body odor.

 Generally, any smell from the lanolin is very faint and unnoticeable, however, occasionally some yarn will come from sheep with a naturally stronger odor, and this is usually more pronounced when the garment is wet, and will dissipate over time.

Choose leggings by fabric weight, temperature & activity with the chart below: