Model Wearing Grizzly Hoodie in Snowy Mountains

The Hoodie That Started It All!

When Woolx introduced the Grizzly hoodie in our first year of business, it was an instant hit selling out in record time! We found a winner: soft, warm, cozy, a great fit, and all the right features, and it continues to sell out year after year.


Model Wearing Grizzly Hoodie in Snow


We introduced the Grizzly Hoodie when we launched back in 2013, and it never left. This thing is a beast of a hoodie. The Grizzly is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. From the thick, durable woven fiber to the functional thumbhole cuffs and handy pockets.

Even better is that it's been around so long that we have made subtle changes over the years and have dialed in what we believe is the best merino hoodie on the market.

One thing we didn't change is the inside chest headphone port. Since wireless earbuds are all the rage now, it's probably a feature not needed anymore. We are leaving it in for now, as it was a favorite feature all these years!


Model Wearing Grizzly Hoodie By Water


This hoodie means a lot to us, as it's been in our lineup since the beginning, and once you slip one on, you'll see why.

It's the hoodie you'll keep close at hand and reach for all 12 months of the year!