Men's Merino Wool Bottoms & Leggings

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Layers, layers, and more layers. No matter how many you pile on, it never seems to be enough. That was before Woolx merino base layer bottoms. Whether you’re fighting off an icy chill in the winter or trying to stay cool in the summer, somehow it’s never quite right. Luckily for you, Woolx has you covered. Never worry about your comfort again with the temperature-regulating, all-natural merino wool fibers of the Woolx merino wool base layer bottoms.Here at Woolx, we know how important comfort is. You need to stay warm, but you can’t be weighed down by heavy, suffocating synthetic fabrics. Merino wool is naturally odor and moisture-wicking, keeping you fresh and on top of your game no matter what the conditions. With our X-Lite, Lightweight, Midweight X-Plorer, and Heavyweight X-Treme bottoms, there’s something for everyone and every activity.