The Ultimate Packing Guide For Traveling Light

Everything You Need To Know To Pack Light & Travel Carry On Only


Spring - Summer

Tired of stressing about what to pack & when that checked bag will get to your destination? It's time to make a change!

Welcome to the world of Merino Wool, where you can pack less & leave stress in the past! ✈️

1. The Ultimate Travel Tops

For the stars of everyone's wardrobe... the Mia & Layla!

These tops have thousands of 5 star reviews, including this one from Elsa N.

"This top changed my mind!
We travel for weeks with what we can fit in carry-on luggage, so comfortable, non-wrinkling, sink-washable, quick-dry, versatile items are the thing.
This top is all of those, but the clincher is that it really does stay fresh-smelling for long periods -- even when worn daily -- as long as it is aired out overnight."

Mia Tee

Meet the Mia, your new favorite tee for travel, sports, and daily wear. Breathable and moisture-wicking, it'll be your best friend on hot sunny days. The Mia V-Neck blends comfort with style perfectly.



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Long Sleeve

Performance meets style in our tough, feather-light tee. Stay cool and protected from bugs and sun. The Layla long sleeve adapts to all seasons, offering stretch, comfort, and cool style on any adventure.



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Not a fan of v-necks? No worries! We have tons of different options for you to choose from! Check them out here!

2. Let's Talk Bottoms

If you're looking for comfort and versatility then you can't go wrong with our Mckenna Leggings and Lola Joggers.

Traveling by plane or car, relaxing at the hotel or exploring a new city—these bottoms will be your best choice.

McKenna Leggings

Introducing the McKenna athleisure leggings, now with side pockets! Perfect for lounging, walking, running, biking, or play. Enjoy midweight warmth, skin-friendly Merino, and a durable finish from recycled poly.



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Lola Jogger

Best joggers ever—so comfy you won't take them off! Inside Merino, outside recycled poly, all ethically sourced. Breathable, moisture-wicking, odor-destroying. Feel amazing wherever you are, anywhere you go.



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3. The Most Versatile Dress
You'll Ever Own

Say hello to the Lucia dress, with a flouncy bottom and short sleeves, it is flowy, flirty, and fun.

This dress can be dressed up for going out, or even down to a cover up for your bathing suit! 

If you're looking for different styles, check out our dress collection.

All of our dresses are light weight & easy to pack. Perfect for your carry-on-only packing!

Lucia Dress

Meet the Lucia dress: tiered ruffles, flouncy, fun, and short-sleeved! Crafted from merino wool for odor control and temperature regulation. A must-have for beating the summer heat!



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4. The Essential Jacket

Weather can be unpredictable! When you're traveling, you don't want to carry around a hefty coat & you really don't want to get stuck in the cold. 

Stop trying to cramp your parka & puffer into that suitcase and meet the Ryann!

The Ryann keeps you warm, dry, & pairs well with just about anything!


Ever feel your wardrobe's missing something? It's probably the most reliable jacket you'll ever have! Ryann can be worn with anything, anywhere, and will get you through any weather. 



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5. The Perfect Bra & Underwear For Travel

What about the intimates?

With moisture wicking & odor destroying properties, our underwear can be worn for several days without washing! Feeling skeptical? No worries, they're easy to hand wash in a sink & will quickly dry over night.

There really isn't a better bra & underwear combo for travel!

Luna Bralette

The Luna sports bra or bralette as we are calling it was made for all-day/ night comfort. Low impact and meant to feel like you are not wearing a bra at all this piece was designed for everyday wear, hiking, yoga, or walking the dog.



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Roxie Bikini Underwear

Ultra-soft, light bottoms for a barely-there, cool feel. Modern fit, no chafe, with full coverage and a low-profile waist ensures comfort all day, every day.



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Everything in our packing guide is designed for repeated wear, with extended durability and endless styling possibilities.

We hope you take advantage of our ultimate packing guide to travel baggage-free and experience the world in comfort. ❤️️

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