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Our women's merino athletic tees will keep you feeling your best all day long.  Stay cool, keep hydrated and avoid the sun. We all know how important it is to follow the rules for keeping safe and comfortable when it’s hot out, but it can feel like an extra hassle when you’re trying to reach the next summit or bang out that last mile. You want to enjoy the outdoors, not worry about the heat. You need stylish, comfortable performance gear that will help you feel your best.Woolx lightweight fabric provides all the important performance features to start you on the right track. Merino Wool is exceptionally breathable and wicks moisture away from the wearer to the surface of the fabric where sweat can evaporate, keeping you cool and dry. Merino Wool also provides far better natural protection from the sun’s dangerous rays than many other fabrics, including cotton. The lanolin in wool is naturally antimicrobial, killing the bacteria that creates odor, not only will you feel fresh and clean in Merino Wool you’ll smell that way too.Excellent in warm weather, our merino tees also acts as the ideal base layer when the temps start to drop. Woolx lightweights are incredibly soft, and so light to the touch you won’t believe how well they insulate. Our lightweight tops are perfect when you need to add more warmth, but don’t want any extra bulk, or if you’re concerned about overheating during vigorous activity. Woolx keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold, the temperature regulating properties of wool are unbelievable.Durable enough to hold up to machine washing and drying, but with an ultra-light barely-there feel, our Woolx lightweights are the most comfortable layers you’ll wear all year. Hiking, climbing, running, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding. Your Woolx lightweights will never see the back of the closet.