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How to Care for Your Woolx Gear

Whether it's your boat, boots, or base layer, you've taken the time to seek out the best outdoor products for your adventures. Your gear is important to you and we know you'll want to take good care of it. With Woolx you've made an investment in quality outdoor apparel, now it's up to you make sure you get the most out of natures best performance fabric!



Caring for Woolx merino wool clothing couldn't be more user friendly, all Woolx items *(excluding our new boucle outerwear) are 100% washer and dryer safe in cold temperatures. Follow these simple guidelines to keep your Woolx gear performing at its best season after season:

 * The Woolx heavyweight 440g boucle Marcy & Andes Vests and Aspen & Denali Jackets are Dry Clean Only.

Machine Washing + Drying

1. Machine Washing: Use a Cold temperature on the Gentle Cycle with like colors. Turn items inside out.

2. No Bleach or Fabric Softener.

3. Dryer: Tumble Dry on Low.

4. Iron: As needed on Low.

5. Dry Clean: Short Cycle.

To avoid potential snags while washing make sure any zippers your garment is washed with are closed. Definitely avoid any contact with bleach as it will destroy the natural wool fibers. We also recommend against the use of fabric softeners as they can coat the wool fibers and reduce the fabric's ability to insulate and wick moisture.

Hand Washing

Just as with machine washing and drying, heat is the enemy! Exposure to heat can shrink wool. Hand wash in cool water and air dry well away from a heat source like a fire or a radiator. To air dry, lay your Woolx flat, as hanging wet wool can stretch the shape. Merino wool is particularly quick drying, making hand washing and air drying especially convenient while camping or traveling.

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Long Term Care

The sheep's Lanolin in merino wool is naturally antimicrobial, killing the bacteria that creates odor. This means merino wool clothing does not need to be washed as often as other fabrics. Often you'll only really need to air out or spot clean your Woolx gear between wearings. The less often you wash your Woolx, the less wear and tear it will endure, keeping it in great condition even longer.

All Woolx clothing can be dry cleaned on the short cycle, but dry cleaning involves chemicals that can reduce the lifespan of any garment. * The Woolx heavyweight Marcy and Andes Vests are Dry Clean Only.

To keep your Woolx looking its best make sure it is clean if stored for a long period. And if you plan to pack it away for months at a time in a sealed plastic bag or box, allow it to air out occasionally. You can also store it with a cedar block if you're concerned about damage from insects.

Wool is naturally durable, and with proper care and storage your Woolx gear should remain in great condition for many seasons of use!



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