Womens Merino Wool Underwear

Womens Merino Wool Underwear

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Why Woolx women's merino wool underwear is the best.  We have constructed the softest fabric, with the freshest feel. Ultra-soft Merino Wool next to your skin. The strength and stretch of Nylon/Spandex at its core.

 Experience the difference Merino Wool underwear for women makes. Say goodbye to chafing, bunching, and clingy, sweaty undies. We’ve created a collection of women’s underwear bottoms that offer all the amazing performance benefits of natural merino wool, combined with the stretch and durability of Nylon and Spandex. Designed for all-day comfort, these light, and air bikini, merino wool thong and boy short bottoms are engineered to give you a barely-there feel with stay put construction. The perfect fit, with no bunching, sagging or riding up allowed.

Built to move like you do these bottoms provide the ultimate in comfort during any activity. Running, hiking, yoga, all day, every day our Woolx DuraLite Bottoms will keep you feeling fresh and cool. The ideal undies for camping and traveling, these bottoms dry super-fast and are naturally antimicrobial, destroying the bacteria that create odor. Perfect when you might have to go a couple days between washings.

Created with Woolx DuraLite fiber technology we’ve melded the stretch and durability of Nylon/Spandex with the ultra-soft feel and natural freshness provided by Merino Wool. The 83% merino wool – 12% Nylon – 5% Spandex fabric is incredibly breathable, dries super-fast, naturally wicks moisture away from the wearer, and allows for amazing air flow. Our superfine merino wool completely envelopes the strong synthetic core, leaving only all natural, ultra-soft Merino Wool right next to your skin.

Out in the hot sun or a inside sweaty gym, we’ve built underwear that’ll go the distance to keep you feeling fresh and clean. Stay dry, cool, and comfortable all day, every day. Welcome to the most comfortable underwear you’ve ever worn.