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Women's Remi Long Sleeve T-Shirt - 160g Ultra Lightweight



Ladies, think about what your ideal outdoor top would be for spring, cool summer mornings, and fall adventures. You need a top that is lightweight, keeps you dry, and has you smelling amazing all day no matter how far you adventure.

Here at Woolx, we have created the perfect merino wool top, the Remi. The merino wool used in all of our lightweight items is thinner in diameter than a human hair. What this means is softness like no other. 

Whether you are running, hiking, or just enjoying a day around the house, this tee will be your new best friend. 

  • Softness Like No Other
    This is not your Grandmas wool, this tee will feel softer than cashmere. All Woolx comes with our guaranteed no itch merino.

  • Stay Cool
    Merino Wool is a natural fiber and wicks away moisture, so sweat as much as you like! Moisture is wicked from the body and brought to the top layer of the shirt, keeping you dry and moisture free.

  • Stay Cool During Hot Weather & Warm When It Turns Cold
    Merino wool, being a natural fabric, helps regulate your body temperature.

  • Prevents Odor 
    Since merino wool wicks moisture, odor causing bacteria have no where to thrive, and can't survive, hence, you can't smell! This leaves you fresh and odor free all day long. Our shirts can be worn multiple days with no odor!

  • Extremely Lightweight 
    Made from 17.5 Micron 160g/² wool, there are not many merino wool shirts lighter than this!
  • Natural Sun Protection 
    Again it's all in the wool! Merino Wool will naturally protect you from harmful rays from the sun.

  • Washable & Dryable
    All Woolx products are easy to care for, just turn inside out, and wash with other merino wool products. Tumble dry on low - or hang to dry- they will dry very fast!

  • 100% Australian Merino Wool - Imported from China - Designed in the USA


Women's Sizing Chart

100% Merino Wool - 17.5 Micron - 160 g/m²

What this means
160g/m²: Extremely lightweight 
17.5 Micron: Extremely Soft

Regular fit - not a snug or loose fit - great for wearing alone

Questions & Answers

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  • Is this intended as a base layer or a sun shirt for spring/summer?

    Both! this is the perfect lightweight long sleeve shirt to keep you cool and protected from the sun all summer, and a great base layer to keep you warm without overheating in the winter.
    All of our lightweight Woolx items function as both outerwear to keep you cool and dry in warm temperatures, and as a lightweight base layer to add insulation for rigorous outdoor activities in cold temperatures.  In hot weather wool pulls moisture away from your skin to the surface where it can evaporate, keeping you cool and dry. In cold temperatures the natural crimp in wool fibers creates tiny pockets of trapped warm air that act as insulators, holding in heat next to the body.

  • I would like to purchase, but wool can be a little itchy... are these shirts itchy? Especially for someone that is very sensitive to itchy fabrics?

    All of our Woolx items are incredibly soft and should not feel scratchy at all. We actually offer a 100% no itch guarantee, if any of our items irritate your skin in any way we are happy to accept them back for a full refund anytime.   All of our Woolx lightweights are made from 160g/m2 ultra-lightweight 100% natural merino wool. The knit is constructed from superfine 17.5 micron wool fibers. Superfine merino wool fibers are incredibly thin, fine and smooth, creating a luxuriously soft fabric that won’t poke, scratch or irritate the skin.

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Women's Remi Long Sleeve T-Shirt - 160g Ultra Lightweight

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