Blueberries on the bush

Blueberry Picking Time in NY

We love the blueberry season here in Upstate NY. From early July to mid-August the blueberry season is in full force. Nothing beats donning your favorite Woolx gear and heading off to blueberry hill to pick some fresh blueberries.

Blueberry bushes

Stunning August Day Picking Blueberries

Freshly picked blueberries need to be refrigerated and will last for about 10- 14 days. Just don't wash them until you are ready to use them though and do not cover them. Leave them in an open container to prevent moisture from forming on them.

You can also freeze them and they will keep for about 10 months. Again, don't wash them before freezing.

Blueberry plants next to water

The day couldn't be any better

Picking them couldn't be easier and is a great event for the entire family. It's easy to tell which ones are ready. They are Blue! If there is any red on them at all they are not ready to be picked yet.

Brian picking blueberries
Woolx Employee in DuraLite Summit Polo Picking Berries!

So if you're ever in upstate NY during Blueberry season be sure to take an hour or so to get out and pick some fresh NY State Blueberries. Don't forget to wear your Woolx though!