Pack Light & Simplify Travel

Pack Light & Simplify Travel

It's time to simplify your travel & stop stressing about what you're packing! 

Come pack with Woolx using the 54321 Packing Method 
Summer Edition ☀️ 


I've seen a lot of people try out this method, so while I typically pack by outfit, I'm going to give it a try!


5... Grab 5 tops!

I grabbed 5 tops that were a bit different in style so that I had various options, and all of them were versatile! For myself and the trip I'm going on, I picked the...

4... Grab 4 bottoms!

I followed the same method for picked tees when choosing my bottoms. I chose pieces that I feel comfortable in and are versatile in both different settings as well as different climates. 

3... Specialty items!

For this - you get to choose any 3 specialty items! Since I am headed to the coast, I am picking ...

Some other examples of some specialty items that you might bring in warmer weather are an additional purse, a light jacket or cardigan, a tech item such as a camera, beauty items like hairdryers/hot tools, or even a large reusable water bottle!

2... Pairs of shoes!

This is SO important because these two pairs of shoes will be getting you everywhere. I based my pick off comfort and two different looks: casual & slightly elevated. This way I have comfortable shoes that will take me from a hike, all the way to dinner. 

  • White sneakers
  • Ballet flats

1... my favorite part - an accessory!

This can also be a spot to bring along your favorite beauty tools, tech items, etc., but I chose...

  • Belt bag

This is such an easy choice for me because it acts as my purse when I am traveling. It stays close to my body, is small and light, allows me to be handsfree, BUT hold everything I need! 


Something that this packing method doesn't mention is... underwear. 
Personally, here's what I do...

Days of trip ÷ 2 = how many pairs of underwear I bring

Days of trip ÷ 3 = how many bras I bring

Days of trip ÷ 2 = how many pairs of socks I bring

I follow this guide because underwear is SO easy to wash in a sink wherever you are & bras (as long as you have the right ones) can definitely be worn again! Another huge plus - all of these underwear fit into ONE small packing cube! 🤩



Check out my full packing video here!