Fall foliage on mountain

Cool Nights & Warm Days: Why wool is perfect for days with 20 degree temperature swings.

 I love Spring and Fall here in Upstate New York. The cool nights are comfortable and the days warm up, but not too warm! Still, it can be in the '30s at 7 AM and then by 1 PM it's 70 degrees. The perfect fabric for your gear in these conditions is, of course, merino wool!

Temperature Swing Upstate NY 1 day
Typical Spring and FallTemperature Swings

No fabric has a temperature regulation of Wool. Add to this, if you start to sweat the wool will move moisture away and keep you comfortable even as the temps start to warm up or cool down.

For this type of weather, I like to layer my Woolx and usually place a long sleeve shirt such as the Woolx Essential Tee For Men ( For Women the Woolx Layla is a great choice) as my bottom layer. The long sleeves can easily be pushed up if it warms up too much but are there if I need them.

Man wearing Essential tee

Woolx Duralite® Essential Tee For Men

Over this, My go-to item is the Grizzly Hoodie. I just love this hoodie and have a few of them in various places as I am always reaching for it. I have one in my truck, in my office, and always one at home. This item is just so versatile and easy to wrap around my waist and tie once the temps climb up mid-day.

Woolx Mens Grizzly Hoodie in Charcoal Grey

 Men's Grizzly Hoodie

The Grizzly also excels if the clouds try to dump some rain on you. I was once caught for 3 hours in the Adirondack woods in a steady rain and sleet mix and, though the sweatshirt was soaked and heavy with water, it never made it to my skin! I was warm and comfortable.

Grizzly in Rain in Adirondacks

My Grizzly Sweatshirt kept me warm in dry in sleet and rain while hiking in the Adirondacks.

Layering is the key when temps can swing wildly during the day. However, it won't work if the fabric you are layering is the wrong fabric! If I had cotton on during my Adirondack hike I would have been in trouble. Nothing beats wool for the great outdoors!

So in closing, I think Spring and Fall is one of the perfect outdoor times to hike due to the comfortable temperatures. Just layer up with your Woolx and you'll be comfortable all day long in the variable temperatures. See you on the trail!

Grizzly on Adirondack Mountains

Written By Woolx IT Specialist Brian