Australia on the map

Follow Katie Visco as she runs across Australia in Woolx!

Meet Katie Visco - You may know her from her run across America in 2009 that made her the second youngest woman to complete the trek. Now, starting on July 13th, she'll be running across Australia!


Katie Visco


Her husband Henley Phillips will be alongside supporting her on a bicycle, pedaling up to 300 pounds of gear, food, and water to make it across the barren Outback. She is relying on Woolx undies and shirts down under because by running 30 miles a day, camping in the bush and going without showers for weeks she will get stinky...but wool doesn't stink! 😁 Katie aims to show a message to herself and others that any curiosity or dream is worth pursuing and sometimes you need to adventure for your own good.

Follow Katie over 2,100 miles from Darwin to Adelaide on Instagram @KatieVisco, and sign up for her newsletter at


Henley with a fully packed bike

                                                   Henley with a fully packed bike.


We're incredibly proud Katie will be bringing our Woolx Australian merino wool back to it's homeland for her run across Australia! Katie's really putting our Woolx ultra-soft lightweight Addie T and Duralite Underwear to the test in the extreme conditions of the Australian Outback. We"re confident the temperature regulating, odor destroying, and moisture wicking properties of Nature's Most Advanced Performance fabric will rise to the challenge!