5 Models wearing the Woolx Shacket in the mountains

What The Heck Is A Shacket!?

One of the most useful items of clothing in your wardrobe could be a shacket.

A shacket? What the heck is a shacket?  

 Iterations of this have been around forever! In olden days, they would be called shirt jacs, shirt jackets, and even CPO Coats. They are also similar to the famous quilted flannels from the 1980s if you're old enough to remember them!

Two models wearing the shacket by the lake side

Updated for the modern era, the shacket will become one of your most worn pieces of clothing in your closet.

 They are so handy for those days when a shirt isn't enough, and a jacket is just too much! Warm, light, comfy, and easy to move around in, they are perfect for wearing around the house...inside or out, to take those chills off.

Model wearing shacket outdoors

 The Woolx shacket is extra soft, has handy chest and hand warmer pockets, and a full button front for various levels of warmth. Button it all the way up or just a couple in the middle and control ventilation for any temperature.

So now that you know what a shacket is, you have to have one! Head on over to the Shackets on Woolx.com and grab one today.

You'll never want to take it off!

Model wearing shacket next to lake