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Women's Wool Leggings - Merino Wool Tights

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Skiing, snowshoeing, hunting, hiking and camping. All of these require one and the same thing...merino wool leggings.

There’s no end to the cold weather adventures a great winter has to offer. But as much fun as you can have enjoying a winter wonderland, cold weather does offer its own unique challenges.

Hypothermia, frostbite, and discomfort are serious factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing the right gear. It’s hard to enjoy a beautiful summit view or even the perfect powder day when you’re cold, damp and shivering. Keeping your extremities warm and dry can be a particular challenge when you’re out for hours in below freezing temperatures.

The ultimate insulator, merino wool is naturally breathable, moisture wicking, and odor resistant, resulting in the perfect cold weather performance fabric. Merino wool even retains much of its insulating properties when wet. Our leggings will keep you warm without overheating, wick sweat away from your skin, and dry faster than many other performance fabrics. Making them the ideal layer when you’re working up a sweat outside.

Designed for extreme cold conditions, our Heavyweight Bottoms provide unparalleled insulation and warmth. These are the ideal bottom layer for below freezing temperatures when you won’t be generating much body heat moving around. Perfect for ice fishing, snowmobiling, hunting, and camping.

Our Midweight Bottoms are the ultimate layer for cold weather outdoor athletes, ideal for skinning up and skiing down, these leggings will keep you warm without overheating on the slopes. This is the perfect weight for rigorous activities like hiking, running, snowshoeing or snowboarding.

With the Woolx 100% No Itch guarantee, you know these leggings are as soft as they are warm, so cozy right next to your skin! Designed with absolute comfort, performance, and style in mind our Woolx bottoms lay smooth and provide serious warmth without added bulk. The contoured back rise, non-chafe seams, and wide cuffs ensure your Woolx bottoms won’t bunch or ride during any activity, leaving you with a smooth and flattering silhouette under your outerwear.

Wherever adventure takes you this winter make sure you’ve got your Woolx women’s base layer leggings along for the ride and you’ll stay warm, dry and comfortable all day long.