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Woolx takes pride in making the best of the best. We think our women's merino wool base layer program really shines. Let us tell you why....... show more ↓

 You need a merino wool base layer that will provide warmth, style, and absolutely no itch and we guarantee it.   There’s an old Norwegian saying “There’s no such thing as bad weather only bad clothes”, and while it might be a bit of a cliché we here at Woolx couldn’t agree more! Whether it’s the desert sun beating down or a freezing wind whipping in your face, you need performance merino wool base layer gear that will help keep you going in the face of atmospheric adversity!

Woolx was designed, created and tested by avid outdoors people in the rugged winters of Upstate New York, and we absolutely understand the demands that athletes and outdoors people require in their performance gear. We created Woolx womens merino wool baselayer to be a premium brand of ultra-soft merino wool clothing and, and we put a ton of effort into making the design of the garments meet the needs of an active person in motion.

We started with the world’s finest natural high-performance fabric, Merino Wool. Wool is the ultimate temperature regulator. In cold weather the natural crimp in wool fibers creates tiny pockets of trapped warm air that act as insulators, holding in heat next to the body. This same process has a cooling effect in warm weather. As wool releases moisture it absorbs heat from the wearer, and the fiber’s crimps trap cool air and insulate the wearer from warmer outside temperatures.  As wool pulls moisture away from your skin to evaporate, you feel cool and dry even in hot weather.

At 400 g/m², our heavyweight women's baselayer are some of the warmest thermals available. Our mid weights and lightweights are the ideal base layer to keep you warm without overheating if you’ll be working up a sweat outside. Our lightweight Base Camp line is also perfect in hot weather. Lightweight wool protects from the sun, wicks sweat and helps regulate your temperature to keep you cool, dry and comfortable!

Our design team then went the extra mile with flat seam construction, underarm gussets and no irritating tags, to create garments that flow freely with all your movements. All Woolx items are made of Superfine Australian Merino Wool. They’re as soft a cashmere, while holding up to both rugged wear and machine washing and drying. We didn’t skimp on style either! Beautiful colors and a flattering fit will make Woolx your favorite everyday clothes too.


Hiking, climbing, running, hunting, skiing and snowboarding, Woolx women's merino wool baselayer has a performance garment to help keep you safe and comfortable for all your favorite activities, whatever the weather may be!

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