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Returns and Exchanges

Returns & Exchanges

How do I request an exchange?

How do I process a return for a refund?



What countries do you ship to?

What type of shipping service do you use?

How long will shipping take?

Tracking states that my package was delivered, but I haven't received it yet. What does this mean?

How much does shipping cost?

Where can I find my tracking information?


Caring for Your Woolx Gear

How to: Machine Washing and Drying

How to: Hand Washing

Our Company

Where is Woolx made?

Does your company practice ethical treatment of sheep?

Other Popular Questions

What's the Woolx Guarantee?

What are the UPF Ratings of your garments?

I don't have a discount code. How can I get one?

Are Woolx garments itchy?

Do Woolx lightweights pack well?

My Woolx arrived with an odor. What is the smell?

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