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Fall Bucket List

This year, everyone seems to be so excited for fall! Admittedly, I am too! With fall seeming to go by so quickly every year, I’m committing to a “Fall Bucket List” with my fiancé and some of my girlfriends so we can enjoy this season to the max!

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If you’re wanting to stay home… 

Host a couples potluck and game night! 

  • It’s always so much fun to ask friends to contribute to a potluck dinner and see what everyone brings. Of course, games are necessary! Some of my favorites are cornhole, cuponk, charades, and apple bobbing. A fire to end the night is a must!

Make fall candles! 

  • Your local craft store, Walmart, and Target all have supplies to make your own fall candles! This is such an easy and fun activity for people of all ages.
Paint Pottery!
  • Well, you have to have a mug to drink that Pumpkin Spice Latte out of! Pottery painting is getting more and more popular in towns. You can google your nearest pottery painting studio or do your own at home! The best part is - you don’t have to be an artist to do this! Pinterest has some great ideas that are easy to do! 
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If you want to stay close to home... 

Pumpkin patch and carving
  • I think it’s a requirement for every town to have a pumpkin patch! Find your local pumpkin patch then have fun with designing and carving your pumpkins with friends/family!

Visit your nearest Apple Orchard!

  • Nothing quite compares to fresh picked apples! Apple orchards are pretty easy to find from town to town, and most offer more than just apple picking! Our local apple orchard has cider, donuts, photo ops, and even games on the weekends! 

Fall Festivals / Fairs

  • Most communities are having a fall fest of some type this time of the year! Growing up, my favorite event of the year was our town’s fall fair. They would have a ferris wheel, carnival games, and all of the fall goodies. This year, the village I live in is having an “Oktoberfest”. I found this through Facebook and am so excited to see some local vendors supplying earrings, candles, aromatherapy, and more! Of course, I’ll also be supporting our beloved local restaurants!
  • Wondering what’s going on in your community or struggling to find events like this? Here's some resources to help you out!
    • Google is always the go-to choice for searching what is going on around you. 
    • Facebook is an awesome resource! If you go to your main menu and select events, Facebook suggests events based on your friends, interests, and location. 
    • Bulletin Boards! Forgot about those, didn’t you? I did too, honestly! Sometimes we will walk right by a bulletin board without looking twice, but they are such a good resource for businesses and communities to stay in touch and spread the word about any events going on. 

Spend some time at your local brewery / coffee shop!

  • Similar to a pumpkin patch, I think it’s a requirement to have a local coffee shop or brewery in every town! We all know Dunkin and Starbucks have an amazing Pumpkin Spice Latte, but it’s always nice to try somewhere new and support those local businesses. Many breweries or coffee shops have specialized flavors for each season, and I think it’s always fun (okay, and yummy) to try them out! If time allows, try to take a minute to sit, relax, and enjoy the falling leaves. 
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If you're looking to get away from home...

Drive in Movie

  • Nowadays, drive-in movies are a bit harder to find, but I think they’re worth the search! No matter where you are or what genre of movie you choose, be sure to bring your radio, a cozy blanket, and some snacks! 


  • Whether you’re looking to stay close or go far, fall scenery while hiking is just unbeatable! If you’re unsure of where to go, AllTrails and Trail Finder are two great resources that help you find a trail near you. Other hikers disclose length, difficulty, conditions of the trail, and other pertinent information! If you have time for multiple hikes, areas have different “peak seasons” for their leaves… it’s fun to hop around and be able to see the different areas in their prime!

Stay a While

  • Going somewhere new is one of my favorite things! My “Fall Bucket List” item is to go camping somewhere new and explore the town during the day! If you’re not a camper - no worries! There are so many options from finding a Tree House style air bnb to staying in a hotel. Be sure to first check out a local breakfast diner and ask the staff there what the best things to do in that area are! 
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