Why we’re so Wild about Wool!

Synthetic vs. Natural, it’s the eternal outdoor gear debate. Which base layer fabric can best keep you warm, dry and comfortable while facing down the elements? With a name like Woolx it’s no surprise which side of the fence we fall on!

Natural sheep’s wool was the original outdoorsman’s fabric of choice. Traditional wool layers kept frostbite at bay for Sir Edmond Hilary and Tenzing Norgay on Everest, and Roald Amundsen at the South Pole. In the latter half of the twentieth century synthetic technical fabrics gained prominence as a base layer by providing lighter weight, more comfortable garments. In the last 10 years wool has made a resurgence. The extra smooth fibers of the wool from Merino Sheep have given us a fabric that feels as soft and comfortable as a synthetic, but performs like old school wool.


Model standing on edge of mountain



The primary functions of a base layer are to keep the wearer warm and dry. While both synthetic technical fabrics and those made from wool can perform these tasks adequately, there are several advantages to wearing a 100% Merino Wool base layer.


100% Merino Wool

  • Natural Wicking Properties – Merino Wool absorbs 30% of its weight in water so it wicks and moves moisture away from the skin. Not only does it keep your skin dry, damp Merino Wool does not have the clammy feeling of many synthetic fabrics.
  • Warmth when Wet – The natural crimp in wool fibers keeps moisture away from the skin and creates tiny air pockets that act as insulators , holding in heat next to the body.
  • Naturally Flame Retardant –Wool is comparatively flame retardant. If a wool garment does become ignited it usually has a low burn rate and may extinguish the flame on its own.
  • Environmentally sustainable – Wool is a biodegradable and renewable resource.
  •  So Soft! – The fibers of Premium Merino Wool are extremely fine and smooth, creating a fabric as soft and luxurious as cashmere.

  • Regulates Temperature – Wool keeps you warm when you’re cold, and cold when you’re hot. The insulation created by wool’s crimped fibers reduces the rate of heat transfer to the environment.
  • Doesn’t Retain Odors – The oils in wool are naturally antimicrobial, killing the bacteria in sweat that creates odors.



      Hiking up the mountain side


      In the past Synthetic fabrics edged out wool in comfort and durability, but not any more! The Premium Merino Wool used in all Woolx products is not only softer than most synthetics, it holds up to washing and wear better. Modern production methods allow for machine washable and dryable wool yarns. Garments made from this wool can be washed and worn repeatedly without wearing out or getting the plasticy feeling many synthetic fabrics take on after multiple washings.


      Man hiking on mountain


      There you have it! Why Woolx is so Wild about Merino Wool – Naturally Breathable, Exceptionally Warm and Incredibly Soft!