Photo of Our Sweat Suit Set

Merino Wool Sweats? You won't believe the comfort!

Bet you've never heard of merino wool sweats? Well, you have now, and once you wear them, you'll be hooked forever!

 Woolx has created the SOFTEST sweat suit sets that you will ever find! Made from our ultra-fine Merino, these will make you feel like you are lounging on a cloud.

 We used our incredibly cozy Merino for the interior and durable yet soft, recycled poly on the exterior. All the benefits of Merino next to your skin and the durability of recycled poly on the outside. You really can have the best of both worlds!

Models Wearing Sweat Suits in Lilac, Black, and Mint

 Unlike cotton or full synthetic sweats, Merino sweats keep you warm and dry by wicking moisture away from the skin. Cotton holds the moisture next to your skin, making you feel cold and clammy. Nothing performs like Merino!


Bailey Sweat top


 And when it comes to washing, you can wear these for weeks and not have to launder, as Merino does not retain odors. Cotton starts to smell fast!

 Not only will these be your favorite comfort pieces, but they will outlive the rest of your loungewear! Pair our adorable Parker Sweatpants with the Bailey Sweatshirt or the Avery Hoodie; there's a set to match anyone's style!