Model wearing Grizzly hoodie in snow

The Perfect Gear for an Outdoor Winter Run

 Who else loves going for a run every night? I do, but I know that I definitely dread it more in the winter. The last thing you want to deal with is a runny nose, an earache, and feeling frozen to the core during and after your run. 


 HOWEVER, Woolx has the perfect solution to those cold dreaded winter runs. Here is a list of merino garments I would recommend for those avid outdoor runners this winter.



  • Top: Hannah Crew - the perfect base layer top. With it's slim athletic fit and perfect amount of warmth, this is the ideal top for outdoor running in cold temps. Zero bulk, made to move with you, and will keep you warm without making you feel overheated. 


  • Bottoms: Piper Pocket Leggings - these leggings are one of my favorites for working out in. They have pockets on both legs, so I can store my phone, keys, credit cards, etc. while out on a run. They are also the perfect thickness to keep my legs warm, but not so thick that I can't layer them if needed on colder days.


  • Accessories: Kendall Headband - I love wearing the Kendall Headband while running because I can wear it while my hair is up in a bun or in a ponytail. It also covers my ears just enough to keep them blocked from the wind, but I can still hear and stay aware of my surroundings. Neck Gaiter - our Neck Gaiters are so versatile, but in my opinion the best way to use them is just as they were intended to be used - as a neck gaiter. It blocks out the wind and keeps my neck protected from wind burn or even sunburn. 



  • Top: Explorer 1/4 Zip - this top was meant for runners. It has a sleek design, a slim fit, and is SO comfortable and warm. 


  • Bottoms: Backcountry Leggings - these bottoms are a midweight. I wouldn't recommend running in these on their own, but they would be a perfect base layer underneath sweatpants, joggers, or even a looser pair of running tights. 


  • Accessories: Journey Hat - I love the Journey Hat because it sits very close to your head and doesn't look bulky like most hats. It also has the perfect slim fit, so it stays on your head. This makes it perfect for running. Neck Gaiter - see above.*


 I hope this article was helpful to anyone passionate about running! Just a few tips and tricks to incorporate Woolx into your winter gear and make life a little easier!