The Ultimate Gift Guide

The Ultimate Gift Guide

 It's time...

Everyone knew it was coming... We've all been seeing the ads...

and it's kind of overwhelming!

That's why I want to help you figure out exactly what you need based on who you're shopping for... 

Let's take a look!


  The World Traveler

  • Merino Wool is great for travelers because it can be worn multiple times without being washed, is light weight, and is so easy to pack!

  • For women, the Callie hoodie can be dressed up, down, layered as much as your heart desires, and even worn alone! This mid weight pullover is the best choice for women on the go who may be on a plane to the beach one day, and on the slopes the next!

  • For men, the Mason Wool Aire is a perfect midweight piece that can be layered or worn with just a tee or tank underneath. Versatility and easy packing make the Mason a top pick for a guy on the go! 

Callie | Mason

Woman on left in Callie, man on right in Mason                                                                                                                                    

The One Who is Always Cold

  • We know them, we love them, okay... admittedly, I’m one of them. The people who are always cold, but insist they don’t need a jacket. Since we know this person, “doesn’t need a jacket” and, “will be fine,” it’s good to go with a top that will keep them warm, but also is breathable.

  • There are so many great options for this, but my pick for women is the Sage Turtleneck. This beautiful, ribbed turtleneck can be dressed up or down, meaning it can be worn in almost any setting!

  • For men, my pick is the Explorer long sleeve top. This midweight top is super soft and can be worn out around town or for all of your outdoor activities!

Woman on left in Sage, man on right in Explorer

The Couch Potato

  • For your beloved couch potato, you need something that’s going to be soft, keep them warm, but also be breathable... 

  • For women, the Harper Feather touch Pajamas are THE pick for staying comfy inside. This pajama set comes in mint, cloud grey, and black.

  • For men, the Arlo Lounge Pants are better than lounging on a cloud. For a shirt, consider a Finn short sleeve top or an Easton long sleeve shirt.

Woman on left in Hadley pajama set, man on right in Arlo lounge pant and Finn top

Need a finishing touch? Check out the luxurious Saranac Throw.


The Ultimate Outdoors(wo)man

  • While there are a lot of great picks for outdoor lovers, the Grizzly (men) and Cubby (women) are unmatched. Both sweatshirts are full zip, hooded, and Ultra Heavyweight. That means you’ll be ultra warm no matter what the weather!

  • One of the huge bonuses of these sweatshirts is that the dense knit both repels moisture and keeps you insulated. No matter what you’re doing outside, these sweatshirts will keep you warm, dry, and feeling great.

  • Need some bottoms? Check out the Stella and Piper leggings for women and the Backcountry and Arctic base layers for men!

Woman on left in Cubby, man on right in Grizzly

The One Who is Always Dressed to the 9's

  • Where do I even begin?! With Woolx's bodysuits, four dresses, jumpsuit, and all of the beautiful tops - this is SUCH a hard choice! Overall, for women, I just HAVE to pick the Rilynn Jumpsuit! This jumpsuit is an easy in and easy out as well as extremely flattering. 

  • For men, there are so many classic options! From our classic Preston Turtleneck paired with the Baker Vest, all the way to an Endi button down, there are so many great combinations and stand alone items. All in all, I have to say that the best choice for your gentlemen who likes to keep it classy, is the Burlington Shirt-Jac. The Burlington can be dressed up or down and worn as a shirt or a jacket. This piece is stylish, warm, and is sure to last you years! 


Woman on left in Rilynn, man on right in Burlington

The Gym Rat

  • For any gym or exercise lovers, it's so important to have something that keeps you warm while you're working out, but is also breathable. A huge plus - odor resistance! 

  • Women are sure to love our Zoey zip hoodie and McKenna leggings...

  • ... while men are sure to rock the Boulder hoodie!

Woman on left in Zoey, man on right in Boulder

Best Overall Gift for Women

  • The best overall gift for any woman in your life is a shacket of course! 

  • A shacket can be worn as a shirt or a jacket. It is an accessory, an outer layer, a statement piece, and a go-to staple! 

  • We offer the Sawyer, which comes to the hip and is a slightly oversized fit, as well as the Sutton, which is a mid-thigh length and has a more tailored fit. 

Woman on left in Sawyer, woman on right in Sutton

Best Overall Gift for Men

  • This was a hard decision to make, but the best overall gift for men is... the Fairbanks Jacket!

  • With a dense boucle knit that's sure to keep you warm and dry, this versatile and comfortable men's jacket can be worn to work, a nice dinner, and even for your favorite outdoor activities!  

Man in Fairbanks

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