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DuraLite® By Woolx - Durable Lightweight Merino Wool

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Absolute comfort. Incredible performance. Introducing Woolx DuraliteThe ultimate Performance Fabric, designed to endure as long as you do. We’ve combined the ultra-soft feel and amazing performance abilities of merino wool, with the incredible strength and durability of Nylon/Spandex.

DuraLite by Woolx

You need performance gear that works as hard as you do. Using a core-spun technology our super fine merino wool completely envelopes the strong synthetic core, leaving only all natural, ultra-smooth Merino Wool right next to your skin.

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This ultra-light fabric with a barely-there-feel is exceptionally breathable, dries super-fast, naturally destroys odor, blocks the sun’s harmful rays, and allows for amazing air flow. And the incredible durability means you can count on your Woolx Duralite to keep you looking as good as you feel season after season.

Woolx DuraLite®


Mile after mile, day after day, year after year, we’ve created a fabric engineered to endure as long as you do. With just the right amount of stretch to retain its shape and stay put where you need it, Duralite provides the ultimate in long-lasting high-performance comfort. Out in the hot sun or inside a sweaty gym, Woolx Duralite will go the distance to keep you feeling clean and looking fresh!


The durability of Nylon/Spandex with the ultra-soft feel and amazing performance abilities of merino wool.  Woolx Duralite - Welcome to the Best of Both Worlds!