Scenic Photo of Snow in Field

First Day of Winter 2022

 For a second there, I was starting to wonder if we would have a white Christmas here in Upstate NY. November flew by with zero snow, December came and still no snow. Then finally the second week in, we got snow!

I know most New Yorkers dread winter, but here at Woolx, we LOVE it! 


Woolx Models on Truck Tailgate


 We know what you're thinking, of course you all love winter, you're a Merino wool clothing brand. Well yes, that is part of the reason! However, there is so much more to it than just that.


 Wintertime here in Upstate NY, though it may be tough, the endless outdoor adventures make it all worth it. Skiing & snowboarding, snowmobiling, trail riding with the horses, etc... there's so much to do during the winter here! 


Now that it's officially winter, get outside and make some memories! And don't forget to stay warm in your Woolx gear


And if you're ever in NY during the winter, here's a list of places to visit:


-Lake Placid is beautiful in the winter and there are so many different sights to see and cute little shops in town!


-Greek Peak is an amazing resort near us. You can hit the slopes during the day, relax at the indoor waterpark in the evening, and stay the night at their amazing lodge all in one trip!


-Niagara Falls is farther north, but is definitely worth the visit. The falls are stunning when frozen over, with an amazing light show at night, and plenty of places to eat and shop nearby!