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Skip the baggage claim. Ultra-soft Woolx merino travel clothing can be worn day after day, week after week, completely odor free. Toss a few Woolx tops in your carry-on and you can leave your other shirts and checked luggage behind.

Merino gear is perfect for traveling when you can't bring a fresh outfit for every day of your trip. Because of its natural odor fighting abilities you can just air out merino clothing overnight and it stays smelling fresh & clean day after day. And its quick-drying abilities mean you can give your Woolx a quick rinse in the sink if necessary and it will definitely be ready by morning.


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Travel With Total Freedom

Woolx clothing feels great, packs small, repels wrinkles, and goes with everything. The first, last, and only gear you need for travel. Moisture wicking, quick drying, and breathable. These classic styles makes sure you always look & feel your best, anywhere and everywhere you want to go.

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Looks As Good As You Feel

Once you try Woolx merino you'll know immediately why it's superior to cotton or synthetic clothing, and for travel it can actually save you money as you won't need to buy or bring as much clothing or check baggage. Definitely worth the investment for frequent flyers!



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Clothing Built For Adventure. But don't just take our word for it:

Friends of Woolx Kim and Greg Hull tested out some Woolx lightweights traveling while on location covering the Tour de France a few summers ago . Read on to find out what they thought it’s like living out of a suitcase with Woolx.

#WoolxinAction field report by Kim Hull:

We’ve been on the road in Europe for almost six weeks and have rarely spent more than one or two nights in the same hotel. In that time, we’ve visited six countries and just finished shooting the Tour de France.

Temperatures have ranged from warm in Rome, to cool evenings in Zurich and the mountains of France. But mostly, it’s just been hot, with many days reaching 40° Celesius/104° Farenheit.

Clean clothing was in short supply.

How are we dealing with it? A bit of shopping for a few new items and, you guessed it… doing laundry in the hotel sink. The problem with the sink method is that it is very humid in France and cotton won’t dry by the time we leave the hotel the next morning.

The best solution we’ve found is something most people don’t think of for warm weather – Woolx.

Woolx summer shirts are lightweight, cooler than cotton, and wash & dry in a hotel better than anything we’ve found.


He then hung the shirt up to dry. Within a couple of hours, the shirt was ready to go and we were on our way to our next stop – shooting in the Haute Alpes.

Check out and Chasing Light Media to follow along with Kim and Greg’s adventures. You can also see some of their amazing photography on Kim’s Twitter @kimberlihull.



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