View from Mount Severance trail head, overlooking Schroon Lake

Hiking in the Beautiful Adirondack Mountains

Have you heard of the Adirondacks, but aren’t quite sure where to start? We spent a weekend in Schroon Lake, New York and I can’t recommend it enough! Overlooking the beautiful and peaceful Schroon Lake, this town is very family friendly, has plenty of options for food, accommodations, and outdoor fun!

The Adirondack Mountains have 46 peaks, and we’re hoping to hike all of them! Since I went with my husband and 1 ½ year old, Mount Severance was a perfect 2 hour family friendly hike! 


Trail head sign for Mount Severance

 We got up early Saturday morning and headed straight to the trail. The trail ended up being about 2.3 miles round trip, with only a 813 foot elevation change. Not too bad, even when you have a baby on your back! 

Family picture of hiking Mount Severance

At the trailhead, we stopped and took in the beautiful view. From here, you can see Schroon Lake and some of the beautiful surrounding mountains. After spending some time at the trail head, we started to head back down the mountain. On our way down, we saw some furry friends and their owners were kind enough to tell us that this trail is dog friendly - next time we’ll have to bring our dog! 

After getting back to our bed and breakfast, we took a much needed afternoon nap. Of course, our 1 ½ year old woke up ready to go again, so we tried out the Schroon Lake Beach. This is a small man made beach in what feels like the heart of the town, so it’s easy to get to! This was a perfect place for my husband and I to relax while our little guy got all of his new found energy out in the sand and surf. 

Schroon Beach Entrance

Though we were relaxing, we saw so many activities going on at Schroon Lake! Inside the swimming net are floating docks to swim out to. Outside the nets are kayakers and fishers. This is such a great area for everyone in your family or group of friends to find something to enjoy! 

Picture of Schroon Lake Beach

For dinner, we ventured to a local Bistro called “Sticks & Stones” that offered outdoor seating. Of course, this is weather permitting, but we were lucky to be there on a beautiful night! Upon arrival, we noticed that this restaurant is also dog friendly in the patio section. They had plenty of vegan and gluten free options, which is always a plus! 

On our way back home Sunday, we took 87 South and came across the beautiful Natural Stone Bridge & Caves. We just couldn’t resist stopping! 

Picture of Natural Stone Bridge

This well maintained and easy to access area features a stream with several small waterfalls across various rock structures. Adventures here are self guided and “at your own pace”, so you can go as fast or as slow as you want! For hikers who want to go a bit further, there is even a trail that goes a few miles into the Adirondacks Mountains. 

Of course, this amazing place was kid friendly! There were several activities for the kids, This included a “Dino Dig”, playground, jewelry making, and more! Of course, they also had a snack bar - a must for a true family trip! For further details about this beautiful attraction, visit their website at this link

Overall, this was such a fun weekend and we will definitely be returning to Schroon Lake! I would highly recommend this area for any traveler, no matter the desire or even the season! Though this weekend trip was during one of the hottest weeks we have had this year, I can imagine how beautiful this area will be when the leaves start to change. Get your suitcases ready for Schroon Lake!