August 07, 2019 3 min read

Soft, cheap, and easy to find - Cotton sounds like the perfect fabric for anything right?  Not so fast! Our Ultra-soft Woolx merino is here to give you the comfort & performance upgrade you deserve.

Merino is the Ultimate 4-season Performance Fabric

  • Breathable
  • Quick Drying
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Regulates Temperature
  • Destroys Odor

There’s definitely a reason you've heard the phrase “Cotton Kills”  before, and we've all experienced the stinky irritation of a sweaty cotton T. Now it's time to say Goodbye to feeling sticky & gross, and Hello to the incredible comfort of merino wool.



Choose Comfort Not Cotton

Cotton absorbs and holds moisture; from both the environment in humid weather, and your own perspiration. In warm weather sweat should evaporate away from your skin, helping to cool you down. But cotton provides no help wicking sweat away from the body, cotton fabric actually dries very slowly and holds moisture next to your skin. Without evaporation the warm moisture next to your body can quickly cause overheating. Sweaty cotton also stinks and causes chaffing & skin irritation, yuck!

However the biggest danger from cotton occurs in cold weather. Cotton loses almost all of its insulating properties when it gets wet, from your own sweat or the environment. Instead of retaining warmth and holding body heat next to your skin, wet cotton actually leaches heat from your body. In cold, or even just cool, weather this can lead to hypothermia and death. 




Merino Made for You

In hot conditions merino pulls moisture away from your skin to the surface where it evaporates, keeping you cool and dry. Not only does wool wick sweat from the wearer, wool can move water vapor before it even turns to sweat! Wool’s ability to absorb and release moisture from the air makes it one of the most breathable and therefor comfortable materials available. A wet wool garment will also dry faster than many other fabrics. Perfect for travel, or days out on the water!

And merino naturally protects your skin from the sun's harmful rays. Wool fibers absorb radiation even when completely untreated by chemical processes. Our lightweights provide UPF 25 protection. A UPF rating of 25 indicates the fabric of a garment will allow 1/25th (roughly 4 percent) of available UV radiation to pass through it.

In cold temperatures the natural crimp in wool fibers creates tiny pockets of trapped warm air that act as insulators, holding in heat next to the body. Wool dries much faster than cotton, and merino wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water and still feel dry to the touch. More importantly it maintains its insulating properties even when wet, keeping you safe, warm and comfortable in extreme conditions.

Merino wool fibers are exceptionally fine and smooth, creating a fabric that feels incredibly soft right next to even your most sensitive skin. The natural wax in wool, lanolin, has antimicrobial properties which kill the bacteria in sweat that creates odors. And because wool manages moisture so well, surviving bacteria don’t have the damp environment they need to thrive. Without the buildup of odor causing bacteria you can comfortably wear merino day after day, even week after week, while still smelling & feeling fresh and clean.




Think Merino is High Maintenance?

Think Again! We've made merino that's as care-free as can be. Washing your Woolx merino couldn't be more user friendly, all Woolx items (except our heavyweight vests) are 100% washer and dryer safe in cold temperatures. Now there's no excuse not to ditch your old cotton tees!


Kiss cotton goodbye and enjoy absolute comfort in clothing built for adventure!