Snowy scene in Tokyo


Tokyo (Snow)Drift - #WoolxinAction Ambassador Justin Knowles recently took a surprisingly snowy trip to Tokyo, Japan. Check out his amazing photos of this beautiful city blanketed in a gorgeous dusting of white powder.


Tokyo, Japan shares the same latitude as Raleigh, NC.  Its winters are typically temperate.  During a recent January Japan visit, Tokyo received its biggest snowfall in 4 years and logged its coldest temperature in 48 years.  #tokyosnow became a popular hashtag.  Tokyo’s snow highlighted the importance of versatile, quality gear that travels well. 

From Monday afternoon to evening, it snowed 9 inches.  The snow shut down the city but it gave a Japanese tea garden an otherworldly look.  The koi provided the only dash of color.


Snowy scenery in Tokyo



The Tokyo approach to snow differed from my US experience.  Almost everyone carried an umbrella to protect against the storm, and most wore standard business attire & jackets.  No one wore hats to keep warm either.  Stores did brisk business in selling umbrellas.


Snow on the busy streets and sidewalks



The gardens surrounding the Japanese Imperial Palace had a Dr. Seuss like feel with the snow.


Snows on the roads



The sun came out on Tuesday, temperatures warmed, and most of the snow melted. 


Snow starting to melt



The weather turned colder on Wednesday and Thursday.  The temperature reached 24 degrees which was the lowest since 1970.  The colder temperatures froze remaining snow including the pile next to a Shinto shrine near the Tsukiji Market.  Tsukiki Market is the biggest seafood market in the world.  The wholesale market flies high grade fish & sushi all over the world. 





The displays of the Tsukiki Market and its outer market are striking.  The colors of the fish market reminded me of the Spice Market of Istanbul including this stall of dried fish.





Here’s me staying warm with my Woolx hat.  Underneath my hardshell is the Woolx outback t, base camp hoodie, and summit socks.  My Woolx gear kept me comfortable, dry, and warm during Tokyo’s record breaking week.



Model wearing woolx while traveling

  - Justin Knowles


You can follow along with Justin as he and his family explore the west coast and beyond on and on Twitter: @technologyhiker and Instagram: @technologyhiker.



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