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Summer is officially here, and it's finally time to pull your favorite wool clothing out of the closet. Wait, what's that you say? Wool in summer? Sounds crazy, right!?

Trust us, there's nothing crazy about the temperature regulating and moisture wicking abilities of merino wool. In fact nothing will keep you cooler this summer than ultra-lightweight Merino Wool!


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Believe it or not, lightweight merino is actually the ultimate performance fabric for warm and/or humid conditions. Merino wool has many natural features that make it the most comfortable fabric you can wear in the heat.


Stay Cool Temperature Regulation

Merino Wool naturally wicks sweat away from the wearer. In cold weather the natural crimp in wool fibers creates tiny pockets of trapped warm air that act as insulators, holding in heat next to the body. This same process has a cooling effect in warm weather, as wool releases moisture it absorbs heat from the wearer and the tiny pockets of air trap cool air and insulate the wearer from warmer outside temperatures.  As wool pulls moisture away from your skin to evaporate, you feel cool and dry even in hot weather.


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 Natural UV Protection

All merino wool naturally protects your skin from the sun's harmful rays. Wool fibers absorb radiation even when completely untreated by chemical processes. Our lightweights provide UPF 25 protection. A UPF rating of 25 indicates the fabric of a garment will allow 1/25th (roughly 4 percent) of available UV radiation to pass through it.


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Destroys Odor

The natural wax in wool, lanolin, has antimicrobial properties which kill the bacteria in sweat that creates odors. And because wool manages moisture so well, surviving bacteria don’t have the damp environment they need to thrive. Without the buildup of odor causing bacteria wool garments not only smell better at the end of the day, they don’t develop a permanent stink that can’t be washed away like so many synthetic fabrics are prone to do.


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Wicks Moisture and Dries Super fast

As wool absorbs water molecules it pulls moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates. And merino wool is able to release moisture into the air more efficiently than most fabrics. Not only can wool wick sweat from the wearer, wool can move water vapor before it even turns to sweat! Wool’s ability to absorb and release moisture from the air makes it one of the most breathable and therefor comfortable materials available. A wet wool garment will also dry faster than many other fabrics. Perfect for travel, or days out on the water!


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Stay NATURALLY FRESH AND COOL all summer long in merino wool. With a barely-there feel our ultra-soft lightweights are guaranteed to help you beat the heat, whatever the day brings.