Woolx Neck Gaiter in snow

The Oh So Versatile Neck Gaiter...why you need one of these.

When it comes to enjoying cold weather activities the one item you should never leave home without is not an American Express card...it's a Merino Wool Neck Gaiter. 

This small item is extra versatile and can be worn a multitude of ways to keep you warm and comfortable in the coldest of weather.

The beauty of this item is it's small and compact and so easy to just stuff in a pocket. There is no excuse to not have one on you at all times. You never know when the wind will kick up and make that 2-mile trek back to the car a bit tougher!

Let's check out the ways you can wear your Woolx Neck Gaiter.

Around the Neck...of course!

The popular way to wear this item is simply around your neck. Tucked into your shirt this keeps your neck protected and warm. Probably why they call it a Neck Gaiter!

Model wearing neck gaiter


Around the Neck and Pulled up over the mouth and or ears.

Woolx Neck gaiters are generously cut allowing you to pull it up over your mouth and your ears when that wind really gets blowing! When paired with a great Woolx Hat this provides great coverage of the head keeping you warm and protected.

Model wearing neck gaiter

As Head Band

When things are not as brutal out but your ears are getting a bit cold you can simply roll the Woolx Neck Gaiter into a band and wear as a headband protecting your ears. Keeps it handy, your ears warm, and you look cool as a bonus!

Neck gaiter being worn as a headband


Affordably priced and available in over 20 colors this is a must-have item that should always be in your pocket.

Made from superfine, guaranteed never to itch 100% Merino Wool this is the best fabric for your neck gaiter. Light, warm, and moves moisture. Synthetics can be cold once damp and start to stink with extended use. This is never an issue with 100% Merino wool.

Machine wash for easy care and like all Woolx garments, guaranteed as long as you own it.

So next time you are heading out for that morning hike or walk make sure you stuff a Woolx Neck Gaiter in your pocket. Pretty sure you'll have it on before long!

Model wearing neck gaiter