The ultimate layering piece, there’s nothing more versatile than a merino wool vest. Warmer than fleece, softer than any synthetic, and way less bulky than a puffy. Our performance vests are dialed in to keep you looking good and feeling great for 3-seasons of adventure.

Incredibly durable and exceptionally warm. Woolx merino wool vests offer all the amazing performance features you can expect from top quality merino wool: natural odor control, moisture wicking, breathability, plus incredible insulation. You’ll stay warm dry, and comfortable wherever the day takes you. And these sleek minimalist designs are guaranteed to have everything you need and nothing you don’t. The generous length full zip body keeps your core warm, without overheating your extremities during rigorous activities. The stand-up collar blocks wind and cold, while the zippered hand warmer pockets keep your paws toasty and your valuables safe.

An outdoor vest can be just the thing to add balance to your closet and make the most of your other outdoor gear. Over, under, or in between, Woolx vests are built to go the distance with you whether you’re hiking, hunting, or just hanging out. A top quality outerwear vest that’s slim and soft enough to layer under your hard-shell in wet, freezing conditions; over a hoodie when it’s just starting to get cold, or tossed on top of a button down when you want to let your city friends know you’ve got backcountry cred. These classic styles and top quality knits look at home anywhere you do.

Tough enough for the backcountry, stylish enough for every day. Whatever your adventure, our Woolx Merino Wool Vests have got you covered.